Blog Templates Go Crazy

Things happened when you never expected it to! I am not really an expert with regards to websites or blog templates. Thanks to a dear friend from the USA who helped me designed most of the templates in my blogs. She is truly a gem even though I haven’t met her personally yet.  I can say, she is a blessing for me for being so kind and generous.

Last weekend, I went crazy because the templates of my blogs are  not in order anymore. I should  did a screenshot for it but I was too busy especially  that I am already working now. I did a shout-out in one of the blogger groups I joined years ago. I was  asking why  templates go bad even though I did not do anything on my  blogs except posting for some articles. (more…)


Wanted to Learn to Play Musical Instruments

How are you guys? I hope everything went  great this weekend especially when you celebrated Valentine’s Day. So far, I am feeling better. Although, I still feel dizzy from time tom time and I also had a headache tonight, I still manage to do some things today.

Back to main topic; I love watching Television when I have time. One of my favourite shows are the casting shows. With this kind of show especially a TV casting show who are looking for talents from singing to playing musical instruments, and more, I always love watching it. It is usually showed once a week and when I have the time, I really want to watch it. (more…)


Window Shopping for External Hard Drive

Hello February! How’s your first days of the month?  I do hope that your  January turned-up great and your are having a wonderful start of the second month of 2015. So far, I am doing good and I am grateful for that.

Last week, I was browsing online for external hard drive. I am very thankful with this gadget because  you can use it  for storing your files, photo albums  and other important documents. I remember  in my elementary grades,  these gadgets don’t exist yet.  Thanks to the inventor of this  gadget, I can bring my documents and photos wherever I go. (more…)


Tips in Finding the Perfect Footwear for your Children

Bright LV.WWW.01.2015colors abound in kids’ shoes. Shoppers don’t have to sacrifice comfort or quality to find colorful styles that their children will enjoy wearing.  LV.WWW.2015.01From bright pink high-tops to purple sandals to neon green crocs, there’s a lot of pizzazz and sparkle in children’s shoes today. Sometimes the sparkle is literal: you can find shoes with metallic accents or even sequins. For the child whose personality is a little less “loud,” you can always go with a traditional dark shoe with brighter accents, such as neon treads or brightly colored shoe strings. (more…)


Nikon 1 J1 Repaired Under Warranty

I was lucky enough that time,  but not so  lucky enough during my travel in Africa last 2014 because the lens of my Nikon 1 J1 camera malfunctioned. For the second time, the lens 10-30 mm had the same error again saying this message everytime I turn-on the camera, “lens error, please contact Nikon service”.  Thanks goodness, I still have the other lens which was also included when I bought it.  I can still use the 30-110 mm lens. I believed all photography enthusiasts know the difference between these two lenses. (more…)


A Perfect Present for a Friend Who is a Musician

Hello everyone! I am finally back here! It seems that the blogger had a long vacation, the reason why she was not able to share some updates here. She is actually very busy with so many things especially that she is already working now.

How’s your first weeks of the year 2015? I hope everything is running smoothly out there and things are getting better for the start of the year. So far, so good for me and I am very thankful for many things especially for the great year 2014! (more…)


How Your Doctor Is Using Technology to Treat You

Healthcare providers are increasingly turning to technological solutions for treating disease and promoting general health. This is a shift that has likely already had an impact on your health.

In the context of diagnosis and communication in particular, healthcare providers are using technology in new ways to make healthcare more efficient and convenient. Individuals can now be quickly and accurately screened for a number of common diseases, including diabetes and color blindness. In addition, technology allows you to extend your access to healthcare beyond your timely checkups and appointments. Your doctor can send you health updates and test results at any time through text or email, and can recommend various smart phone apps to help you track your biometrics or exercise. (more…)


When You’re Shopping for Someone Who is Hard to Please

Whether it’s a birthday, retirement party, or the holiday season, there is always going to be someone on your list who is impossible when it comes to picking out a gift. You can tear your hair out running from shop to stop or make your eyes burn as you stare at site after site on the Internet. Better yet, choose the gift that will give pleasure throughout the year. When you need something to wow that someone special, consider authentic football helmets as your ideal solution.

Give a Major Football Enthusiast an Unforgettable Present

Give yourself a break and stop running around like crazy to get a gift that is sure to make your friend or loved one happy. Think sports and bring in a football helmet that looks like the real thing and has all of the features of a team helmet. When you’re ready to head to the stadium and hope to get autographs from the top players, that authentic helmet will really come in handy. (more…)


Can’t Check Mails in Yahoo

Happy TGIF to everyone! It happened this afternoon. I was not able to check may mails in Yahoo, probably due to maintenance issues. I did not really worry about it because I know that it will come back again soon. Everytime, I hit “Inbox” this message below keeps on coming.

Yahoo Logo

Will be right back…

Thank you for your patience.

Our engineers are working quickly to resolve the issue.


A Letter from an Online Marketing Manager

I wish I have the budget to hire experts like the SEO Consultants or Online Marketing Managers to help improved the standing of my blogs. Sad to say, I am just and ordinary blogger who loves to share my experiences, thoughts and ideas. Besides, earning money online now is scarce compared to the past years. I am even planning to quit blogging but there is a saying that says, “Once you are a blogger, you will always be one”. Besides blogging is already one of my passions and I believed, I will continue to blog until I get old….God’s will! (more…)



Hi dear friends and visitors!! thanks for visiting me here!! Have a great and blessed day!!



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