A Perfect Gadget for a Traveler Like Me

I can’t imagine that I will be traveling again soon! Luggage are partially packed. I will finalized everything on Monday and will make it sure that I have all the things I needed especially my travel gadgets. I have been  very busy the past days preparing for this great travel in Asia. I will be finally seeing my family, relatives and friends soon. After a long time of not visiting my homeland, this time,  I will finally do it! (more…)


End of Support for Windows XP on April 8, 2014

Today is history especially for those who are still using Window XP programs. For sure all those who are still using a computer or laptops with these programs are not happy about it. I am one of  them. I still have a desktop who has a Windows XP Service pack 1 and a netbook with Service Pack 3. I was saddened when I read this news in a local newspapers. The past days and even today, April 8, 2014, I also heard the news over the radio that the support on Windows XP is already  ending. (more…)


Security Is An Important Aspect Of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is popular with businesses and home users because it makes data sharing and backup simple. The technology is growing rapidly, but storing sensitive data online does come with some drawbacks. If you’re going to store important files in the cloud, it’s important that you take some safety precautions. When hackers target files in the cloud, they look for sensitive documents that contain personal information like bank account numbers, health records and credit card information. Cloud providers do their best to protect personal information, and they are constantly upgrading their systems to make sure that all vulnerabilities are patched. A lot of cloud vulnerabilities stem from users that aren’t properly protecting their files. (more…)


Lenovo G505s Won’t Turn-On and Not Booting Up

I am already happy and contented with  my new Lenovo G505s until this problem arised. I bought it sometime  in December 2013 here in Germany.  It has Windows 8 system which I quite find complicated. I  even had  difficulty using this Lenovo  notebook with this system  during my   first weeks but thanks goodness, now I am quite familiar with it now. This system is quite complicated.  I love better  using computers or laptops with  windows XP and window 7  programs. These programs are very user-friendly compared with Windows 8 which is quite complicated.

Last Tuesday night   April 2, 2014, when I was already turning-off my Lenovo, I was wondering because it took too long before it turned-off. The next day when I was turning it on, it won’t work anymore.  I just saw the Lenovo sign on the  screen and after that,  I don’t see anything anymore on its screen.  After around 15 minutes, I tried to press the  turn-on and off button and waited  for some minutes to turn it on again. (more…)


Benefits of Web Design Companies

Ecommerce businesses are becoming the most popular types of businesses in the market nowadays. Almost everybody has a laptop, tablet, mobile phone or other device that he or she can use to connect to the Internet. People are conducting more and more activities online nowadays as well. They do everything from chatting to shopping and going to school online. Therefore, people considering starting a business might want to make their businesses ecommerce ones. (more…)


Lapel Pins For Every Cause

Wearing a lapel pin to advertise a cause is something that people have been doing for years and years. However, many people believe that they cannot get these lapel pins when they want them. The right pin for the right person is something that should be available to everybody. When consumers learn more about lapel pins and make the most of their opportunities, they can get the best lapel pin for their needs and give everyone at the business or foundation something that allows them to look their best and let everyone know that the cause they wear their pin for is very important. (more…)


Happy Now with my Mozilla Firefox Browser

I am indeed a happy Mozilla Firefox user! Since 2005, I am already using firefox as my browser. I was using before Internet Explorer. It is  also a good internet browser but I  decided to  choose and use Firefox.

When I bought a new laptop last December 2013, Internet Explorer was already pre-installed in it. What I did was, I installed Mozilla Firefox because I am used to it already. One day, I can no longer open a new tab in Firefox browser, even though on its setting, I set it to “open a new tab”. It was always opening in a new window. I did a lot of searching on the internet why it was acting like that, until I gave up. (more…)


Cuz Loves To Play Musical Instruments

Hello month of March! Wow, I was quite away here for some times. I was very busy with many things especially offline. I would say, I am busy packing my luggage  for my next travels. In fact, I am now getting more excited about it. I am indeed a happy girl!

Back to my main topic. He is indeed very talented. I have a cousin who loves to play musical instruments. It has been a long time since the last time I saw him.   (more…)


Taking Care of SD Cards

I just  remember that today is already the last day  of February. I believe February is a fine one for me. As usual, there were  challenges  during the past weeks but I am thankful that everything was taken  care of.

Let me go back  to may main topic about SD  Cards. I know all of you who use digital cameras,  GPS, mobile phones and other  gadgets or electronics that require it,  are using these .I want to share to you on how to properly take care of you SD cards. I know it is very important  whether you are storing it for your photos, videos or other files and documents.

An  SD stands for Secure Digital. It is a non-volatile memory card format for use in portable devices, such as mobile phones, digital cameras, GPS navigation devices, and tablet computers. Here are some tips on how to take it of it. (more…)


Keeping Customers Safe on Your Site

Owning an Internet business comes with a lot of highs and lows. Not only do you have the task of bringing in consumers that want to buy your product, but you also have to follow through with providing those consumers the security they have come to expect from retail websites. If it does not look like they can trust your website, there is little chance they will be buying anything from your site. (more…)



Hi dear friends and visitors!! thanks for visiting me here!! Have a great and blessed day!!



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