Time to Slowly Clean the SD Cards

Vacation is over!  I am  at best when I am traveling somewhere out there. Sad to say, I am back to reality now and back to work again to save for future travels and some projects at home. There are a lot of things to be done both online and offline and I hope I can slowly accomplish them one at a time. I wish there are 48 hours a day but God knows the best to give us only 24 hours.

There is one thing I need to do  before weekend comes. I need to slowly clean and format  the SD cards I used in  my cameras from my recent travels. I actually started doing it but I am not done it.  To make it sure that I have all the images and photographs  saved in a secure place, I am not only saving it to an external hard drive but I am also backing it up to another external HD.  I wanted to make it sure that all the shots I took are in good hands. (more…)


It’s Time To Get Up To Speed On Industrial Work Place Safety

If you are currently employed as an industrial work place manager, or are the owner of such a site, you ought to be aware that the stability of the area under your control, as well as the safety of the workers who are employed at that location, are issues of primary concern. You will need to make use of the best, most advanced, and cost effective safety technology in order to meet the needs of your employees and guarantee the profitability and productivity of your company.

Using Safety Technology Will Limit The Instances Of Employee Lawsuits

There are many benefits to making use of state of the art safety technology at your work place. Perhaps the most immediate and important of these benefits is the simple fact that having the proper safety equipment in place at all times will cut down on the number of work place accidents, injuries, and fatalities. A sharp reduction in the number of such unfortunate incidents will bring with it a corresponding lack of law suits for wrongful death, injury, and employee compensation. (more…)


Wish to Learn To Play A Guitar

I had fun at work today. One of my co-worker who don’t speak and understand English asked me if I can help and teach her to  learn the language. She is German and she really wants to learn English. I told her, if she has the interest and the will to learn, she can surely do it. (more…)


How to Clean Your MacBook with the Movavi Mac Cleaner

Have you ever tried to clean your MacBook in the past? Assuming you’ve attempted to do so, you probably realize that trying to locate and eliminate unwanted files from your Mac is not half as easy as it sounds and can actually be a pretty painstaking process if done manually.


Rather than going through the hassle of trying to manually find all these files and delete them one by one, the easier option is to use the Movavi Mac Cleaner (http://www.movavi.com/mac-cleaner/). It is an intuitively easy to use software that will help you to clean your MacBook with minimal fuss. In fact – it should just take a couple of clicks for you to do just that. (more…)


Fun, Food and Music in Tillyfest

Another festival is going on again in the area. This is one thing I love here in Europe especially in Germany, festivals are going on all year round. This month, there are a lot to be experience and for sure, one of it is Tillyfest.

Tillyfest is an annual festival held in this town called Breitenbrunn. It is like traveling back in time during the medieval age when you visit this festival. I visited it many times and I love it there. For some reasons, I love festivals like this and also movies during the medieval times. (more…)


Window Shopping for Camera

I guess, it is not really bad  at all when we go  for a window shopping. I mean, not really driving to the electronic store but with the use of computer and internet at home, we  can already do  window shopping anytime of the day.

I already have a lot of cameras in my possession.  I consider  them as my assets. For some reasons, I love collecting this gadget  and I consider  it as my asset. It is probably because I love taking photographs of anything.  I am not a professional photographer but I would say, I am a photographer of my own.  Please don’t argue with em about that. lol! (more…)


Getting Your New Restaurant Fitted Out In Style

If you have recently become the owner of your own restaurant, you should be congratulated. You’ve managed to beat the odds and hold true to your entrepreneurial spirit. Where others have failed, you have succeeded. But now is not the time to rest easy and lie back, waiting for the customers and the profits to roll in. Just because you’ve got the license and the property, this doesn’t mean that you’re quite ready to open your doors to the public. There is still the small matter of obtaining all of the necessary supplies to do business with.

Serving The Public Is A Matter Of Supply And Demand

When it comes right down to it, you’ll be hard pressed to argue with the conclusion that serving the public is ultimately a simple matter of supply and demand.  (more…)


Perfecting Your Ride

You love your side by side. Once you crossed over to UTV riding, you decided to never go back to ATV’s. There’s something about riding in a side by side with a cage around you, taking your machine anywhere you want to go, with a good buddy or someone you love riding shotgun. You can take on tough conditions, from the intense heat of the desert to a rocky slope through the mountains.


No matter where you’re going, whether you are headed on an adventure through the wilderness or off for a journey on a trail system, you have confidence in your machine. Polaris, Honda, Yamaha, Kubota, John Deere, and all the rest know how to deliver. Now it’s up to you to perfect your ride with the extras. Side by Side Stuff can help you find exactly what you need to pump up your side by side and make it your own. (more…)


4 Absolutes Every eCommerce Needs for Success

Developing an eCommerce website can be exciting as it is lucrative. However, there are several aspects the site needs if you want to reach a certain degree of success. Although putting items in your online store can help drive customers, it takes more than attractive pictures and optimized descriptions to get everyone’s attention.

Responsive Design

As more people shop online from their smartphones and tablets than ever before, your site needs to have a responsive design. This makes shopping easier for those who use smaller display screens such as those on phones. Those that are unable to clearly read your site or have trouble maneuvering through it’s pages will abandon it to visit your competitors. Luckily, most eCommerce solutions come pre-designed with responsive programming for today’s market. (more…)


Online Shopping for Travel Gadgets

Online shopping is so easy and convenient nowadays. Thanks  to computers and internet connection, wherever you are you can already shop for whatever things  you need. Whether  you want to buy or shop for electronics, clothing, home decors, shoes, school supplies, beauty products, men’s apparel, just name it and you can find a lot of shopping sites in the internet. (more…)



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